Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the horror film The Reckoning (2020). The music is composed by Christopher Drake.

Source: The Reckoning Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Christopher Drake
Label: Filmtrax
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 5, 2021

The Reckoning is a 2020 British horror movie directed and co-written by Neil Marshall. The film stars Charlotte Kirk, Joe Anderson, Steven Waddington, Sean Pertwee, Rick Warden, Mark Ryan, Leon Ockenden, Suzanne Magowan, Bill Fellows, Sarah Lambie, Emma Campbell-Jones, Ian Whyte, Maximilian Slash Marton.

The soundtrack album is available for order on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page.

1 Maleficia – Main Titles
2 Mourning
3 Tending the Land
4 Squire Wants a Word
5 Riding Into Town
6 Joseph Drank from the Wrong Cup
7 Rope to Grave
8 The Proposition
9 Abduction & Imprisonment
10 Apparitions
11 Day I – Whipping Post
12 Judgement is Coming
13 Moorcroft Arrives
14 The Devil
15 DAY II – The Inquisition
16 The Devil’s Lust
17 DAY III – Witch Knife Torture
18 DAY III – Aftermath
19 Ursula and The Devil
20 DAY IV – My Will is Greater Than Yours
21 I Sentence You to Death
22 Ain’t Takin Yer Shit / The Bargain [Explicit]
23 The Reckoning
24 Free Yourself
25 Well Escape and DAY V – The End
26 The Reckoning End Titles

The Reckoning Official Trailer (2021)