Original Television for the kdrama (2007). The music composed by .

Source: Bad Love Series
Genre: Music from the Original TV Series
Music by Various Artists
Label: Leeway Music & Media
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 19, 2020

Bad Love (못된 사랑, also known as Cruel Love) is a 2007 South Korean romantic drama television series written by Lee Yoo-jin, directed by Kwon Kye-hong for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). The series stars Sang-Woo Kwon, Yo-won Lee, Ye-ryeon Cha, Seong-su Kim, Kim Ga Yun.

1 Bad Love Opening Title – Sang Woo Ma
2 So Won Theme – Sang Woo Ma
3 Conspiracy – Yin Hwang
4 Intertwined Fate – Eun Ji Park
5 Powerful Kiss – Tae Hyun Lee
6 Reprise – Sang Woo Ma
7 So Won and Min Hyuk’s Sorrow – Sang Woo Ma
8 Hwalan’s Trick – Tae Hyun Lee
9 Yeon Soo’s Lie – Eun Ji Park
10 Bad Love Destiny – Sang Woo Ma
11 An Unexpected Accident – Tae Hyun Lee
12 Min Hyuk’s Avarice – Sang Woo Ma
13 Hidden Things – Eun Ji Park
14 Because I Am Her Dad – Yin Hwang
15 Not Gonna Die Alone – Yin Hwang
16 Mr. Get Out – Yin Hwang