Original Motion Picture Score (Digital Release) for the film Becoming (2020). The music was composed by Jacob Bunton.

Source: Becoming Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Score
Music by Jacob Bunton
Label: New Ocean Media
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 6, 2020

Becoming is a 2020 American science-fiction thriller film written and directed by Omar Naim. The film stars Toby Kebbell, Penelope Mitchell, Jason Patric, Beth Broderick, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Stephen Rider, Melissa Bolona, John Newberg, Lew Temple, Elana Krausz, Gianni Capaldi, Zander Essex.

1 The Lovers
2 The Phone Call
3 Road Trip
4 Family Dinner
5 Distant Cousin
6 Face Without Eyes
7 Suicide Parade
8 The Glow
9 Something’s Wrong
10 Out in the Woods
11 Another Man
12 Pregnant
13 Blood on Your Hands
14 What Have I Done
15 The Last Dance
16 Junkyard
17 Country Roads
18 The List
19 I Know What You Did
20 Interlude
21 Becoming
22 Beast
23 Midnight Drive
24 Music Box
25 Home
26 Let’s Finish What We Started
27 The Test
28 Coming Back to Say I Love You
29 Barbecue
30 The Package
31 Another Side of You
32 Aftermath
33 New Life
34 Infinity Rising

Becoming Official Trailer (2020)