Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Score) for the film Mob Town (2019). The music was composed by Lionel Cohen.

Source: Mob Town Movie
Genre: Original Score
Music by Lionel Cohen
Label: DNA-Productions
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 10, 2019

Mob Town is a 2019 American gangster crime drama film written by Jon Carlo and Joe Gilford, directed by Danny A. Abeckaser. The film stars David Arquette, Danny A. Abeckaser, P.J. Byrne, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jennifer Esposito, Gino Cafarelli, Sasha Feldman, Anthony DeSando, Robert Davi, Nick Cordero, Aaron Ronnie Almani, Garry Pastore, George V. Andreakos, James McCaffrey, Kyle Stefanski.

1 Mob Town Theme, v1
2 Stakeout, Pt. 1
3 Apalachin Investigation
4 Following Joe
5 Arrivals
6 Mob Town Theme, v2
7 Stakeout, Pt. 2
8 Ed Spots Joe
9 Vito Arrives
10 Small Town Raid
11 Presidential Validation
12 Mob Town Theme, v3
13 Mob Town End Credits
14 Apalachin Trailer