Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the Disney documentary film More Than Robots (2022). The score music is composed by Stephanie Economou (Jupiter’s Legacy, Manhunt: Deadly Games).

Source: More Than Robots Movie
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Stephanie Economou
Label: Lucasfilm
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 17, 2022

More Than Robots is a 2022 American documentary film that follows four teams of teenagers as they prepare for the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition. The film is directed by Gillian Jacobs, produced by Supper Club and Lucasfilm, distributed by Disney+.

The original soundtrack album is now available for preview or streaming on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links.

1 Jacob and the Vitruvian Bots
2 The Chairman’s Team
3 How to Play
4 Sharing Resources
5 Fatima and Fazlul
6 Game Simulation
7 Sakura Tempesta
8 Imagination Over Knowledge
9 Dean Kamen
10 Kanon and Noi
11 Mariana and Nautilus
12 Aaron and the TeraWatts
13 Los Angeles Regionals
14 Competition Rules
15 TeraWatts Final Match
16 Collecting Data and Scouting
17 If You Build It
18 Vitruvians Play to Win
19 Global Disappointment
20 FIRST Teams Mobilize
21 More Than Robots

More Than Robots Official Trailer (2022) Disney+