Original Motion Picture (CD Release) for the film : The Simon Wiesenthal Story (1989). The music was composed by (Masters of the Universe, The Karate Kid).

Source: Murderers Among Us
Genre: Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture
Music by Bill Conti
Label: BSX Records
Format: CD
Release Date: March 13, 2020

Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story (Murderers Among Us) is a 1989 American biographical drama film written by Abby Mann, Robin Vote, and Ron Hutchinson, directed by Brian Gibson for HBO. The film stars Ben Kingsley, Renée Soutendijk, Craig T. Nelson, Anton Lesser, Jack Shepherd, Paul Freeman, David Threlfall, Louisa Milwood-Haigh, Robert Morelli, Sándor Téri.


1 Liberation-Main Title
2 Out Of The Camp
3 Simon’s Wife
4 Mother-Train Search
5 Suicide Attempt
6 Bodies, Ovens & Sunflowers
7 The Address
8 She’s Alive-Reunion
9 Simon And Cyla
10 The Books
11 Memories Of Camp
12 I Swear-End Of Part One
13 Following Simon
14 Father And Daughter-Home
15 Apartment Search
16 Photo Hand Off-Search
17 Anne Frank-Family History
18 The Photo
19 Eichmann
20 Muller-Cyla At Church
21 Not Forgotten-End Credits

22 Choir Suite

23 Liberation-Main Title (No Choir)
24 The Books (Alternate)
25 Apartment Search (Alternate)
26 Anne Frank(Alternate)
27 Eichmann (Alternate)
28 Cyla At Church (Alternate)
29 End Credit (No Choir)