Original Television Soundtrack for the series Psychopath Diary (2019). The music by Various Artists.

Source: Psychopath Diary Series
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists
Label: Genie Music Corporation
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 10, 2020

Psychopath Diary (originally titled as Ssaikopaeseu Daieori) is a 2019 South Korean comedy-thriller television series directed by Lee Jong-Jae, created by Studio Dragon for tvN network. The series stars Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun, Park Sung-hoon.

1 Wanna Be Bad – Woosung
2 Stay the Same – Cha Yeoul
3 PSYCHOPATH DIARY – Um Kiyup & Um Kihyun & Lee Sungreyol
4 Dongshik’s Polka – Um Kiyup & Um Kihyun & Lee Sungreyol
5 Red Diary – Park Minji & Um Kiyup
6 Dongshik’s reeled memories – Um Kiyup & Um Kihyun & Park Minji
7 DO I LOOK LIKE A PUSHOVER – Um Kiyup & Um Kihyun
8 I’m a Psycho – Fara Effect
9 Suspense – Kim Heejin

Psychopath Diary Official Trailer (2019)