Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the thriller film Society of the Snow (2023). The original score music is composed by Michael Giacchino (Werewolf By Night, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Lightyear).

Source: Society of the Snow Movie
Genre: Soundtrack from the Netflix Film
Music by Michael Giacchino
Label: Netflix Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 1, 2023

Society of the Snow is a 2023 international survival thriller film based on the book La sociedad de la nieve (also known as The Snow Society: The Definitive Account of the World’s Greatest Survival Story) by Pablo Vierci about the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight disaster. The film is written by J. A. Bayona, Bernat Vilaplana, Jaime Marques, and Nicolas Casariego, directed by J. A. Bayona, produced by Netflix Studios, Mision de Audaces Films, and El Arriero Films, distributed by Netflix, and stars Enzo Vogrincic Roldan, Matias Recalt, Agustin Pardella, Tomas Wolf, Esteban Kukuriczka, Diego Vegezzi, Francisco Romero, Rafael Federman, Felipe Gonzalez Otano, Agustin Della Corte, Simon Hempe, Valentino Alonso, Fernando Contigiani Garcia, Rocco Posca, Benjamin Segura, and Luciano Chatton.
Society of the Snow premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on 9th September 2023.

1. Found – Michael Giacchino (Amazon/Apple Music)
2. Andes Ascent – Michael Giacchino (Amazon/Apple Music)

1. Leaving Home
2. Crash
3. Barren
4. Alien World
5. Flashback
6. First Scout
7. Susy Passes
8. News Radio
9. What Do I Become
10. The Second Expedition
11. Trapped
12. Today Is My Birthday
13. What’s the Limit
14. I See the Sky
15. A Plan to Cross the Mountains
16. Arturo’s Death
17. Setting Out
18. Heading Back
19. Take Home the Love
20. Nando Returns
21. Radio Failure
22. Sleeping Bag
23. Numa Accepts His Place
24. Andes Ascent
25. Onward
26. Over the River
27. Found
28. Home

The original soundtrack is now available for streaming or purchasing on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links.

Netflix’ Society of the Snow Official Teaser Trailer (2023)

Society of the Snow Teaser Trailer (2023) Netflix

Society of the Snow Official Trailer (2023) Netflix