Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film The Last Christmas Party (2020). The music is composed by Jake Tavill and various artists.

Source: The Last Christmas Party Movie
Genre: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists (Jake Tavill, Caroline Lazar, Rella, ÊMIA, Total Downer)
Label: Four by Three Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 22, 2020

The Last Christmas Party is a 2020 American romantic drama film written by Kevin Nittolo and Julian Carlo Santos, directed by Julian Carlo Santos. The film stars Anna Clare Kerr, James Williams, Samantha Brooks, Martin Drop, Gabriel Armentano, Lainey Woo, Spencer Wawak, Rosie C. Dean, Kyvon Edwin, Brittany Raper, Charis Storms, Eddie Grey, Devonn Duffin, and DJ Bilal.

1 All I Do
2 Boys of Summer
3 Nightshade Heart
4 Wherever You Are
5 Everything Is Gonna Be Fine
6 Intervention
7 Frick U
8 Teleprompter
9 Insecure
10 Hologram
11 Only One
12 In a Second
13 Roller Rink
14 Chicago
15 Ice Cream in the Winer
16 Caroline Theme
17 Far from Dawn
18 Not to Me

The Last Christmas Party Official Trailer (2020)