Original Television Soundtrack (Digital, Vinyl) for the animated series Thunderbirds (1965). The music composed by Barry Gray who has wrote music to UFO.

Source: Thunderbirds Series
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack
Music by Barry Gray
Label: Silva Screen Records
Format: Digital / Vinyl (2 LP)
Release Date: July 17, 2020 / August 7, 2020

Thunderbirds is a 1965 British science fiction animated television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, produced by AP Films, distributed by ITC Entertainment. The series stars (voices) Sylvia Anderson, Ray Barrett, Peter Dyneley, Christine Finn, David Graham, David Holliday, Shane Rimmer, Jeremy Wilkin, Matt Zimmerman, Paul Maxwell, John Tate, Charles Tingwell.
The album contains music from series 1 & 2. It can be ordered on Amazon and iTunes, see links on this page.

1 Thunderbirds (Main Titles)
2 The Hood and London Airport
3 Tracy Island and Thunderbirds Are Go!
4 Fireflash Landing
5 Tracy Lounge Piano
6 Penny in Paris
7 International Rescue to the Rescue
8 Monorail Drama
9 Espionage on the French Riviera
10 Sidewinder
11 The Pit
12 Recovery
13 A Night in Spoke City
14 Expedition
15 The Hood vs International Rescue
16 Evil Plan
17 Tower of Terror
18 Avalanche
19 Eddie on Tracy Island
20 The Rescue
21 Christmas with the Tracy Family
22 San Miguel Bridge
23 Finding the Fireflash
24 KLA Collision
25 The Launch
26 Heading for the Sun
27 The Cass Carnaby Set
28 Dangerous Game
29 Jeremiah
30 The Pyramid of Kahmandades
31 The Vault
32 Light-Fingered Fred
33 San Martino
34 World Exclusive Foiled
35 Ned Cook in Trouble
36 Thunderbird 4
37 Thunderbirds (End Titles)