Original Motion Picture for the sci-fi short film (2019). The music is composed by .

Source: Virtually
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Christy Carew
Label: Notefornote Entertainment
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 5, 2021

Virtually is a 2019 American science fiction romantic drama film written and directed by Patrick Hogan. The film stars Katie Savoy and Wole Parks.

The soundtrack album is available on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page.

1. The Girl In The Desert
2. The Shed
3. Experimenting
4. First Sight Of The Ocean
5. Can’t Wait
6. Conversations
7. The Riddle
8. A Palm
9. Urgency
10. Hungry
11. Sick And Alone
12. You’re Real
13. Finale

Virtually Official Trailer (2019)