Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film A Time to Die (1991). The music composed by Louis Febre.

Source: A Time to Die Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Louis Febre
Label: BSX
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 20, 2020

A Time to Die is a 1991 American action crime-drama movie written and directed by Charles T. Kanganis. The film stars Traci Lords, Jeff Conaway, Richard Roundtree, Robert Miano, Bradford Bancroft, Nitchie Barrett, Gino Dentie, Daphne Cheung, Jesse Thomas, Victor Vidales, Manuel Cabral, Nick Gambella, Shaun Shimoda, Jan Flame, Nicole Picard.

1 Logos : Rooftop Deal : The Photo
2 Rooftop Shootout
3 Jackie’s Darkroom
4 Jackie Says Goodbye
5 Firing Range Date
6 Happier Days
7 Photo Shoot
8 Tailing The Creep
9 Alley Confrontation
10 Eddie Chases Jackie
11 Developing The Photos
12 Eddie Breaks In : Eddie Searches The House
13 We Had Some Great Times Together
14 Jackie Gets Her Gun : The Betrayal
15 Bye Frank
16 Jackie Reunited With Her Son
17 A Time To Die – End Credits

A Time to Die Official Trailer (1991)