Original Game Soundtrack from the video game Grand Kingdom.
Music composed by Mitsuhiro Kaneda & Basiscape.

Source: Grand Kingdom Game
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by Mitsuhiro Kaneda & Basiscape
Label: Basiscape
Released: June 29, 2016 (Digital)

Grand Kingdom (Guran Kingudamu) is a 2015 tactical role-playing game developed by Monochrome Corporation for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is set within a medieval fantasy world where four nations are vying for dominance.

Track listing

Disc 1
1 Resonail: Land of Endless War
2 Desperation
3 The Quest Begins
4 Cliff Edge
5 The Decision Is Made
6 Battle: Victory
7 The Guild: Base Camp
8 Mercenary Trade Show
9 The White Wolf Mercenaries
10 Betwixt the Sea and Mountains (Valkyr’s Theme)
11 “A day wasted is a fortune lost.”
12 “A first campaign should not be fought recklessly.”
13 Fight Hard, Earn Glory!
14 Let’s Get ’em, Boss!
15 Operation: Success
16 In Harm’s Way
17 Proud Warriors (Valkyr’s Audience Chamber)
18 All In a Day’s Work
19 Determination
20 Flowing Water
21 Worthy Foe
22 Quest: Success

Disc 2
1 Away From Prying Eyes (Fiel’s Theme)
2 Outnumbered
3 Defending the Castle
4 Target the Enemy Leader!
5 Benevolent Witch (Fiel’s Audience Chamber)
6 Observation
7 “In trying times, determination can see you through.”
8 Battle: Defeat
9 Blessed Land (Landerth’s Theme)
10 Don’t Leave Me
11 Endless Forest
12 Break Through
13 Valiant Stand
14 Fight Hard, Earn Glory! (2nd Battle)
15 Let’s Get ’em, Boss! (2nd Battle)
16 War: Victory
17 Pure Blood, Pure Knights (Landerth’s Audience Chamber)
18 Dangerous Wasteland
19 Ominous Feeling
20 Hurry!
21 In the Wake of Destruction
22 Quest: Fail

Disc 3
1 The Northern Wastes (Magion’s Theme)
2 Last Stand
3 Desperation (2nd Battle)
4 “In trying times, determination can see you through.”(2nd Battle)
5 War: Defeat
6 Young, Magical Leader (Magion’s Audience Chamber)
7 Wagon Ride
8 What It Means to Be a Warrior
9 Determination (2nd Battle)
10 Target the Enemy Leader! (2nd Battle)
11 Operation: Fail
12 Overwhelming Despair
13 The Guild: Base Camp (Scenario Clear)
14 Deceptive Appearances
15 Wicked Scheme
16 Animus Resurrected
17 Remember This Victory!
18 Enemy Attack!
19 Formidible Advance
20 “Don’t stand between fighting lions.”
21 Prayers of War
22 You Ready!?