Original Motion Picture for the docufilm (2018). The music is composed by (The Bakken, Semper Fi, The Vessel).

Source: Loud Krazy Love
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Hanan Townshend
Label: Hanan Townshend
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 28, 2020

Loud Krazy Love is a 2018 American documentary drama film, the remarkable true story of KoRn‘s lead guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch and the little girl that saved his life. The film is written by Scott Mayo, directed by Trey Hill andĀ Scott Mayo. Brian ‘Head’ Welch in the lead role as himself.

1. The Letter
2. Cutting Awakening
3. I Quit
4. Detox and the Father
5. Jennea’s Birth
6. Searching
7. Lashing out in Anger
8. The Spiral
9. Carolina Rebellion
10. Meth
11. Graduation
12. Brian’s Parents
13. Fractured Family
14. Jennea Didn’t Fit In
15. Opening Titles
16. Pumpkin
17. In Brian’s Absence
18. Two Year Binge
19. Early Days
20. Getting Back Together
21. Mom
22. Woodstock Aftermath

Loud Krazy Love Official Trailer (2019)