Original Motion Picture for the film (2017). The music was composed by who has written by Semper Fi and The Vessel.

Source: The Bakken
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Hanan Townshend
Label: Hanan Townshend
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 4, 2019

The Bakken is a 2019 American documentary drama film directed by James Christenson and Jonah Sargent.

In the late 2000’s fracking allowed producers to extract previously unimaginable amounts of oil from The Bakken, a shale formation that had long sat dormant under northwestern North Dakota. Suddenly, thousands of workers were flocking to fill oil jobs and economic opportunities emerged across the entire local economy. In a region known more for its ghost towns and gray hair than its strip clubs and single men, this was a paradigm shift.
THE BAKKEN follows a disparate and intertwined group of locals and newcomers as they navigate the boom, both embracing and struggling against the sea change. Over the course of three years, we watch as ambitions soar and anxieties climb. Is this is the
new normal, or a poignant example of the economy’s increasingly turbulent cycle of boom and bust? THE BAKKEN examines the human cost of bull market fracking, and for some, the price is quite steep.

1 Prairie Fog
2 Ode to Oil
3 D’wyane Intro
4 Boom and Bust
5 Storms
6 Dangerous Roads
7 North Dakota
8 Ross Graves
9 D’wyane Resigns
10 Virgin Earth
11 Fema Camps
12 Rodeos
13 Act III Intro
14 Basements
15 The Election
16 Carbon Bubbles
17 On the Lake
18 The Tsunami
19 Credits