Original Television Soundtrack (Volume 2) from the series Strike Back (2010). The music composed by Scott Shields and Paul Saunderson (Three Identical Strangers, 100 Streets, Starfish).

Source: Strike Back Series
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack (Volume 2)
Music by Scott Shields & Paul Saunderson
Label: Madison Gate Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 3, 2019

Strike Back is a 2010-2020 action-thriller television series based on a novel of the same name by Chris Ryan. The series stars Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Michelle Lukes, Daniel MacPherson, Richard Armitage, Andrew Lincoln, Amanda Mealing, Rhona Mitra, Liam Garrigan.

1 Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Docks
2 Malaysia: Temple Beating
3 Malaysia: Zoe’s Fear
4 Malaysia: Fist Fight
5 Malaysia: Chasing Kat
6 Malaysia: He’s Dirty
7 Malaysia: Comes with the Job
8 Malaysia: I Need a Weapon
9 Malaysia: Alpha is Down
10 Malaysia: Novin’s Revenge
11 Goa: Three Scientists
12 Goa: I Have News
13 Goa: Gopan
14 Goa: Her Son’s Killer
15 Goa: All Going Down
16 Goa: Check the Power
17 Goa: Move In
18 Goa: Your Word is Worthless
19 Myanmar: Zaza
20 Myanmar: X-Rays Inbound
21 Myanmar: Novin Moves In
22 Myanmar: Changzou
23 Myanmar: I Won’t Make It
24 Indonesia: Who is Pavel?
25 Indonesia: The Heist
26 Indonesia: Night Vision
27 Indonesia: Going Mobile
28 Indonesia: Permission for Anything
29 Indonesia: Let’s Go Bowling
30 Indonesia: Bit Tied Up
31 Indonesia: Counting Down
32 Indonesia: Where Am I?
33 Launch Codes: Eyes On
34 Launch Codes: Going Deeper
35 Launch Codes: The Convoy
36 Launch Codes: I Lied to You
37 Launch Codes: Key Sequence
38 Launch Codes: Clear a Path
39 Launch Codes: Mission Complete

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