Original Television Soundtrack from the TV series The Doctor Blake Mysteries.
Music composed by Dale Corneilus.

Source: The Doctor Blake Mysteries TV Series
Style: Original Television Soundtrack – Soundtrack II: Music from Series II-IV
Music by Dale Corneilus
Label: Dale Corneilus
Released: July 16, 2016 (Digital)

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an Australian television series created by George Adams and Tony Wright. Starring – Craig McLachlan in the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake, Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley, Cate Wolfe as Matilda “Mattie” O’Brien, Rick Donald as Constable Daniel Parks.

Track listing
1 The Heart of the Matter
2 Mrs. Beazley & Dr. Blake Suite
3 Ties of the Past (Lucien’s Mother)
4 Classic Blake
5 Blood Work II
6 The Mysteries Ensemble
7 Reflections
8 The Truth (Ashby’s Theme)
9 Golden Years (Confession)
10 Family Theme
11 A Difficult Lie
12 The Open Road
13 Mailin
14 Closing Theme
15 Stop Hangin’ On (Song) – Dale Corneilus & Tristan Meredith
16 Opening Theme