Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the horror film The Legend of La Llorona (2022). The score music is composed by Tim Wynn (Freaks, XCOM 2).

Source: The Legend of La Llorona Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Tim Wynn
Label: MovieScore Media
Format: Digital
Pre-order: June 24, 2022
Release Date: July 8, 2022

The Legend of La Llorona is a 2022 American horror film written by Jose Prendes, Cameron Larson and Patricia Harris Seeley, directed by Patricia Harris Seeley, produced and distributed by Saban Films. The film stars Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, Danny Trejo, Nicolas Madrazo, Angelica Lara, Zamia Fardino, Fernanda Aguilar, Josh Zaharia, Edgar Wuotto, Mauricio Galaz, Isabella Recio, Arumi Morales, and Daniel Arias.

The original soundtrack album is now available for preview or streaming on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links. Music from The Curse of La Llorona was released earlier – The Curse of La Llorona OST.

1. The Legend of La Llorona
2. The Weeping Woman
3. Midnight Swim
4. Pictures of the Past
5. Isla de Munecas
6. Forever More
7. Jorge Returns
8. A Distant Memory
9. Gardens and Graves
10. La Llorona Is Real
11. She’s In the Walls
12. After a Loss
13. Dead of Night
14. Where Is Our Son?
15. Searching for Danny
16. You Can Still Save Him

The Legend of La Llorona Official Trailer (2022)