Original Television for the Netflix The Queen’s Gambit (2020). The music is composed by who has written music for Netflix’ Godless.

Source: The Queen’s Gambit Series
Genre: Music from the Netflix Limited Series
Music by Carlos Rafael Rivera
Label: Maisie Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 23, 2020

The Queen’s Gambit is a 2020 American drama web television mini-series created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott for Netflix. The series stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Moses Ingram, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Bill Camp, Harry Melling, Chloe Pirrie, Annabeth Kelly, Marielle Heller, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Janina Elkin, Marielle Heller, Matthew Dennis Lewis, Russell Dennis Lewis, Dolores Carbonari, Marcin Dorocinski, Patrick Kennedy, Rebecca Root, Christiane Seidel.
The series is set to premiere on 23rd October 2020. Links for preview and order the album can be found on this page.

1 Main Title
2 Beth’s Story
3 Methuen Home For Children 1957
4 The Scholar’s Mate
5 You’re Gloating
6 Training With Mr. Schaibel
7 Am I Good Enough Now?
8 Playing Mr. Ganz
9 Ceiling Games
10 First Day At School
11 The Green Pills
12 Kentucky State Championship 1963
13 Top Boards
14 Playing Townes
15 Playing Beltik
16 The Lake – Cincinnati
17 Playing Benny – Las Vegas 1966
18 Two Sides Of The Same Coin
19 Mexico City Invitational 1966
20 Playing Girev I
21 Playing Girev II
22 Borgov I
23 Beth Alone
24 Ohio US Championship 1967
25 New York
26 Training With Benny
27 Paris Tournament 1967
28 Borgov II
29 Jolene!
30 Returning To Methuen
31 Turning Point
33 Moscow Invitational 1968
34 Close Your Eyes
35 Borgov III
36 The Final Game
37 Take It, It’s Yours
38 Sygrayem (Let’s Play)

Netflix’ The Queen’s Gambit Official Trailer (2020)