Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the biographical film Adventures of a Mathematician (2020). The score music is composed by Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz.

Source: Adventures of a Mathematician Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Antoni Komasa-Lazarkiewicz
Label: MovieScore Media
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 1, 2021

Adventures of a Mathematician is a 2020 international biographical drama film, based on the life of Polish scientist Stanislaw Ulam. The film is written and directed by Thorsten Klein, stars Philippe Tlokinski, Esther Garrel, Sam Keeley, Joel Basman, Sabin Tambrea, Mateusz Wieclawek, Ryan Gage, Fabian Kociecki, James Sobol Kelly, Camille Moutawakil, Alberto Ruano, Richard Mason, Sally Cowdin, Anne-Catrin Märzke, Lucy Bromilow, Philipp Christopher, and Martin Muller.
The soundtrack album is now available for listening/purchasing on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links on this page.

1. Welcome to Los Alamos
2. Claire
3. Manhattan
4. The Jokes
5. The Game Theory
6. Françoise
7. The Drop
8. Trinity
9. The Distant Border
10. The Cards
11. Newport
12. Chopin Fragment

Adventures of a Mathematician Official Trailer (2020)