Original Motion Picture for the film (2020). The music is composed by (Aliens Ate My Homework).

Source: Aliens Stole My Body
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Brandon Moore
Label: Back Lot Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 31, 2020

Aliens Stole My Body is a 2020 American family adventure comedy film, a sequel to the 2018 family film Aliens Ate My Homework. It’s based on the book Rod Allbright Alien Adventures by Bruce Coville. The film is written by Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Judith Reeves-Stevens, directed by Sean McNamara, stars Ty Consiglio, Christian Convery, Bruce Coville, Jayden Greig, Christina Lewall, Carmela Nossa Guizzo, Dan Payne, Lauren McNamara, Sean Quan, Tristan Risk, Kirsten Robek, Travis Turner, George Takei, Alex Zahara, Sandy Robson.

1. Battle on the Mentat Planet
2. Arly Bung / Mentat Map / The Root Balls
3. Finding Dad / Captain Grakker’s Escape
4. Alien vs. Alien
5. The Time-Strider
6. Two Minds in One Brain
7. Gwen Remembers
8. Saving the Family / A Toast to the Galactic Patrol
9. Fight on the Doomstar
10. Family Reunion
11. Billy Becker’s Psychic Scanner
12. The Doomstar
13. Mickey’s Taste Test / Father and Son
14. The Renegades
15. Arly at the Door / BKR’s Prisoners
16. Allbright for Allbright
17. Grab the Throttle! / The Mentat Planet
18. Return of the Galactic Patrol
19. BKR’s Revenge

Aliens Stole My Body | The Galactic Patrol is Back (2020)