Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film All Eyes On You (2018). The music is composed by Jan Scharfenberg.

Source: All Eyes On You Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Jan Scharfenberg
Label: Lost Tape Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 27, 2020

All Eyes On You is a 2018 German mystery thriller film written and directed by Felix Maxim Eller. Starring РFriedrich Bochr̦der, Kathrin Bolle, Michael Bruch, Andr̩ Decker, Elvis Clausen, Lina Driemel, Clara Imort, Marco Janiel, Florian Eller, Ricarda Dufentester.

1 Can I Kiss You – The Moonlight Theatre
2 Looking For A Girl
3 Night Of The Dead
4 Blind Eyes
5 One Night Left
6 The Gang
7 Graveyard And Glowworms
8 Have You Seen Her
9 Firebird
10 She Won’t Be There
11 The Mansion
12 Elena?
13 Franky
14 Molotov
15 You’re Not Here – Nick’s Revenge
16 Blood
17 Time Is Relative
18 Car Ride
19 No Tomorrow
20 Not Alone
21 Elena
22 Absinth
23 When They Come