Original Motion Picture for the thriller film (2020). The music composed by (Nefarious, Lancaster Skies, Dogged).

Source: Alone Wolf
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by James Griffiths
Label: Lakeshore Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 17, 2020

Alone Wolf is a 2020 American thriller film written and directed by Charles Ehrlinger, stars Cara Gee, Richard de Klerk, Lisa Roumain, James Aaron Oliver, Paul Schackman, Trent Walker, Elaine Partnow, Angie Gregory, Steve Lewis, Shaun Landry, Norman Yeung, Sheila Vossough, Steven Huff, Chase Yi, Andre Boyer.

1. Alone Wolf Main Theme
3. Step_2_III
4. This Is The Man That Killed Me
5. Witness “Town’s Theme”
6. B-E_N+n>Y
7. Mother
8. 6teen
9. Separate From Society
10. Sarah
11. Same Pond
12. This Was Your Mom
13. Scars
14. There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone
15. Box
16. Lay Beside Me
17. He Knows
18. Family
19. Paperwork
20. End Credits “The Lone Wolf”

Alone Wolf Official Trailer (2020)