Original Motion Picture (Revised – Worldwide Version) for the film (1971). The music is composed by .

Source: The Big Boss
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Revised)
Music by Peter Thomas
Label: Allscore Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 27, 2020

The Big Boss (also known as Fists of Fury, Tang shan da xiong, Bruce Lee: The Big Boss, or simply Big Boss) is a 1971 Hong Kong action crime film with Bruce Lee in the lead role. Also starring – Maria Yi, James Tien, Marilyn Bautista, Ying-Chieh Han, Tony Liu, Kun Li, Nora Miao, Shan Chin, Chia-Chen Tu, Chih Chen. The film is written and directed by Wei Lo.
The revised album contains a worldwide version of the soundtrack composed by Peter Thomas. See links on this page for streaming/purchasing the album on Apple Music and Amazon.

1 Big Boss Theme
2 Mukuri (Film Version)
3 A Girl Loves Cheng Li
4 Hard Drugs
5 Escape from the Camp (Film Version)
6 The Amulet
7 Finding the Drugs
8 China Love
9 Communication in Hyperspace
10 Malaparte Sinus
11 Moontown
12 Cheng Li and His Friends
13 EKG
14 The Seduction of Cheng Li
15 Big Boss and His Gang (Film Version)
16 Spindle
17 Blood and Dead Friends
18 Alarm (Film Version)
19 Revenge and Corruption
20 The First of Fury

The Big Boss Official Trailer