Original Motion Picture for the thriller film (2019). The music is composed by Al Anderson and Asa Bennett.

Source: Criminal Audition
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists (Al Anderson & Asa Bennett)
Label: 795890 Records DK
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 8, 2020

Criminal Audition is a 2019 British thriller film written by Luke Kaile and Samuel Gridley, directed by Gridley. The film stars Luke Kaile, Rich Keeble, Rebecca Calienda, Noeleen Comiskey, Cameron Harris, Scott Samain, Blaine Neale, Ben Scheck, Jonathan Burteaux, Angela Peters.

1. Criminal Audition (Titles)
2. Meet the Candidates
3. Walk the Line
4. Infomercial Video
5. Interogation Training (Explicit)
6. Missing Candidate
7. We’re Here to Shake Things Up
8. Moe
9. What Have We Here?
10. Criminal Tourist
11. Moe’s Theme
12. You’re Not Pretending
13. J Phones Home
14. Hurt
15. Pick a Weapon
16. Your Mess
17. Next Task
18. Always Have a Back Up Plan
19. Tension
20. We’re in Control
21. Do I Scare You?
22. How to Get Away With Murder
23. I Need a Piss
24. Tinnitus
25. We’re Fucked (Explicit)
26. Hello Darling (Revelation)
27. What?
28. Ryan
29. Love Theme? (Explicit)
30. Credits