Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the movies The Drift / Darkwave: Edge of the Storm.
Music composed by James Griffiths (Dogged68 Kill).

Source: The Drift / Darkwave: Edge of the Storm Movies
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by James Griffiths
Label: MovieScore Media
Released: April 29, 2016 (Digital), July 1, 2016 (CD)

Track listing

1 Opening Sequence: Darkwave (From “The Drift”)
2 Helpless Massacre (From “The Drift”)
3 The Descent (From “The Drift”)
4 Graveyard (From “The Drift”)
5 The Approach Suite (From “The Drift”)
6 You Can Still Be Saved (From “The Drift”)
7 Finding Astra (From “The Drift”)
8 Not a Democracy (From “The Drift”)
9 Inhabitants (From “The Drift”)
10 Betrayal (From “The Drift”)
11 Orpheus (From “The Drift”)
12 Are You Safe? (From “The Drift”)
13 Rock, Paper, Scissors (From “The Drift”)
14 Dirty Hands (From “The Drift”)
15 Finale: Lightwave (From “The Drift”)
16 End Credits (From “The Drift”)
17 The Journey (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
18 The Arrival (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
19 The Discovery (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
20 Horizon A-56 (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
21 He’s Special (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
22 Omega Protocol (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)
23 Phoenix Rising: Finale (From “Darkwave: Edge of the Storm”)