Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film Enemy Lines (2020). The music composed by Philippe Jakko (Si tu vois ma mere, Notre Dame, Le coeur en braille).

Source: Enemy Lines Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Philippe Jakko
Label: Moviescore Media
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 8, 2020

Enemy Lines is a 2020 American war drama film written by Michael Wright, Tom George, directed by Anders Banke. The film stars Ed Westwick, Jean-Marc Birkholz, Pawel Delag, Vladimir Epifantsev, Gary Grant, Scott Haining, John Hannah, Daniel Jillings, Andrey Karako, Corey Johnson, Patrik Karlson, Kirill Pletnyov, Ekaterina Vladimirova, Tom Wisdom.

1 Enemy Lines Elegy
2 Boat Journey, Pt. 1
3 The Battle
4 Russians, Pt. 1
5 Ambush, Pt. 1
6 German Camp
7 The Chase
8 Ambush, Pt. 2
9 Woods and Snow
10 Boat Journey, Pt. 2
11 Enemy Lines
12 Mother’s Death
13 Love
14 Russians, Pt. 2
15 Little Girl at the Piano
16 The Trees
17 Body Fight
18 Safe House
19 Suite from “Enemy Lines”