Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) from the movie Finding Oscar (2017).
Music composed by John Stirratt and Paul Pilot.

Source: Finding Oscar Movie
Style: Original Soundtrack – Music from the Motion Picture
Music by John Stirratt and Paul Pilot
Label: Decor Records / Rough Trade / Shellshock
Release Date: July 7, 2017 (Digital), August 25, 2017 (CD)

Finding Oscar is a 2017 documentary criminal drama film written by Mark Monroe and Ryan Suffern, directed by Ryan Suffern. The film stars Kate Doyle, Scott Greathead, Fredy Peccerelli, Sebastian Rotella.

Track listing
1 Home Bells
2 Theme from Finding Oscar
3 The Flowers of Guatemala (REM cover)
4 Reagan’s Politics
5 State Department Cables
6 Introduction to Dos Erres
7 The Disappeared
8 The Dos Erres Excavation
9 Inhumation
10 ‘Everything I Witnessed & What Was Done’
11 Sara Romero
12 Ramiro Speaks out
13 The Kaibiles Enter Dos Erres
14 Saul Returns To The Well
15 Finding Gilberto Jordan
16 ‘It’s Truly Oscar’
17 Finding Tranquilino
18 Finding Oscar Guitar Theme


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