Original Television Soundtrack (OST) to the TV series Fortitude (2015-).
Music composed by Ben Frost.

Source: Fortitude TV Series
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by Ben Frost
Label: MUTE
Release Date: March 17, 2017 (Digital), January 19, 2018 (CD)

Fortitude is a British sci-fi psychological thriller television series created by Simon Donald. The series stars Richard Dormer, Sofie Gr?b?l, Darren Boyd, Veronica Echegui, Jessica Gunning, Sienna Guillory, Johnny Harris, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson.

1 This is Not Christmas
2 Welcome to Fortitude
3 Is He a Good Sheriff or a Bad Sheriff?
4 Mammoth Suite
5 There is always a first time for everything
6 Vladek
7 Bear Alarm
8 I shake like a fucking leaf
9 It’s value to science is incalculable
10 DCI Morton
11 Bear Alarm II
12 Impossibilities
13 Professor Stoddard
14 The Demon is Among Us
15 Tupilaq (A shower scene)
16 I want to go back
17 A Cold Light Striking Warm Skin
18 Dr. Khatri
19 Hurtling Environmental Catastrophe/ Teeny Little Lights
20 Henry
21 To See Whats Coming
22 Mammoth Suite II
23 Bang!
24 Permafrost
25 Castration
26 A Potato Peeler?
27 Satisfying Questions to Outstanding Questions
28 Hildur & Erik
29 Music for Anaesthetics
30 Rey?arfj?r?ur
31 Dan
32 …Also Drums and Dancing
33 Tupilaq II (Muscimol)
34 Tainted Love
35 Permafrost II
36 Elena
37 Terrible Thing
38 In My Flesh and in the Space Between the Blood and the Bones
39 Officially That Would Be None of Anyone’s Business
40 You’re All I See

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