Original Motion Picture for the Netflix film Isi & Ossi (2020). The music was composed by .

Genre: Original Music from the Netflix Film
Music by Michael Kadelbach
Label: Spinnup
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 14, 2020

Isi & Ossi (Isi and Ossi) is a 2020 German romantic comedy film written and directed by Oliver Kienle, distributed by Netflix. The film stars Lisa Vicari, Dennis Mojen, Walid Al-Atiyat, Christina Hecke, Pegah Ferydoni, Ernst Stötzner, Lisa Hagmeister, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Langston Uibel, André Eisermann, Zoe Straub, Albert Kitzl, Bettina Hoppe, Susanna Capurso, Louis Nitsche.

1 Moving to Mannheim
2 Rip Her Off
3 I Feel Like Trash Next to You
4 Back to Heidelberg
5 You F**king Smell
6 First Day of Work
7 You’re Not Trash
8 We Only Have Shit
9 Mold
10 Beware of Grandpa
11 How to Find a Rich Man
12 Rich Kids
13 Gabriela Rizzi Is Very Very Rich

Netflix’ Isi and Ossi Official Trailer (2020)