Original Motion Picture (CD Release) for the film (2019). The music was composed by .

Source: Jesus de Nazaret
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Alejandro Karo
Label: Kronos Records
Format: CD (300 copies)
Release Date: December 2019

Jesus de Nazaret is a 2019 Mexican historical drama film directed by Rafa Lara, stars Julián Gil, Mario Cimarro, Mayrín Villanueva, Sergio Goyri, Fernando Allende, Eugenio Siller, Gaby Espino, Santiago Ramundo, J.C. Montes-Roldan.
The album’s digital version was released on November 1, 2019, CD version will be released in December 2019 on Kronos Records – Jesus de Nazaret CD.

1. Jesus of Nazareth
2. The Desert
3. Salome
4. A Warning For John
5. The Messiah
6. Yes Mother, It Has Begun
7. Jesus Meets Peter, John and James
8. The Apostles
9. Water Becomes Wine
10. Help Us
11. Lazarus, Get Up and Walk
12. Herod
13. The Death of John the Baptist
14. Mary Magdalene
15. The Miracle
16. None So Blind
17. Cast The First Stone
18. Mary Meets Jesus
19. John Fills The Baskets
20. Jerusalem
21. The House Of My Father
22. Barabbas
23. The Exorcist
24. Judas
25. God
26. Easter
27. The Last Supper
28. The Kiss of Judas
29. Something Is About To Happen
30. The Profit
31. Set You Free
32. Flagellation
33. Crown of Thorns
34. An Unforgivable Betrayal
35. Via Crucis
36. The Suicide
37. He Is My Son
38. Crucifixion
39. The Death of Jesus
40. Resurrection