Original Television Soundtrack for the CW martial arts series Kung Fu Season 1 (2021). The music is composed by Sherri Chung (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Elseworlds, Batwoman).

Source: Kung Fu Series
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack
Music by Sherri Chung
Label: WaterTower Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 23, 2021

Kung Fu is a 2021 American martial arts action-adventure television series, a remake of the 1972 original television series Kung Fu with David Carradine in the lead role. The new series is created by Christina M. Kim, stars Olivia Liang, Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Jon Prasida, Shannon Dang, Eddie Liu, Gavin Stenhouse, Gwendoline Yeo, Tony Chung, Ludi Lin, Bradley Gibson, and Yvonne Chapman.
Kung Fu Season 1 was released on 7th April 2021 by The CW.

Kung Fu’s Main title theme by Sherri Chung released on 23rd April 2021. The soundtrack album is available for order on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page.

1 Main Title Theme – Sherri Chung
2 Burning of the Monastery – Sherri Chung
3 Coming Home – Sherri Chung
4 Fear is the Death of Mindfulness – Sherri Chung
5 Tasting Cakes and Daggers – Sherri Chung
6 No Stranger to Pain – Sherri Chung
7 Can’t Speak – Sherri Chung
8 If Anger Drives You – Sherri Chung
9 Where Logic Does Not Live – Sherri Chung
10 Spilled Wine and Lost Battles – Sherri Chung
11 The Pearl Dragon – Sherri Chung
12 Journey to a Closed Door – Sherri Chung
13 Lost and Found Family – Sherri Chung
14 Battle for Peace and Virtue – Sherri Chung
15 You Will Fight Either Way – Sherri Chung
16 Stop Being Cute – Sherri Chung
17 Matriarch – Sherri Chung
18 I Am So Proud of You – Sherri Chung
19 Becoming a True Warrior – Sherri Chung
20 Visions – Sherri Chung
21 Enlightenment – Sherri Chung
22 Two Worlds – David Choi

1. Main Title Theme (Amazon/Apple Music)

Kung Fu Official Trailer (2021) The CW