Original Soundtrack (Christmas Album) to the series Miraculous / Ladybug (2016). The music composed by Various Artists.

Source: Ladybug Series
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists – Jeremy Zag, Noam Kaniel and Fred Lenoir
Label: ZAG Records
Released: December 22, 2016 (Digital)

1 Miraculous Theme (Christmas Version) (feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion)
2 Marinette & the Bakery
3 Cat in the Night (feat. Bryce Papenbrook)
4 Brand New Day
5 The Boy That I Secretly Love
6 Bad Santa Claws
7 We All Have the Right
8 My Christmas Wish (Bonus Track) (feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion)
9 It’s Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas (Bonus Track) (feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion)
10 Miraculous Theme (feat. Laura Marano)