Original Soundtrack from the Netflix science fiction animated series Make My Day (2023). The score music is composed by Kensuke Ushio (Japan Sinks 2020).

Source: Make My Day Anime
Genre: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series
Music by Kensuke Ushio
Label: Netflix Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 3, 2023

Make My Day is a 2023 Japanese science fiction horror anime series, an adaptation of an original story by Yasuo Ohtagaki. The anime is directed by Makoto Honda, produced by 5 Inc. and Netflix Studios, and distributed by Netflix.

1 Theme from “Make My Day”
2 A Cold Planet
3 Marnie & Jim
4 Mining Site
5 Eerie
6 Fear and Panic
7 Anxiety
8 The Cave
9 Critical Moment
10 Swarm
11 Calmness
12 Fear
13 Swarm Approaching
14 Unrest
15 Mystery Reasoning
16 Heartlessness
17 Friendship
18 Action
19 Jim’s Choice
20 Superiority
21 Farewell
22 Escape
23 Mean-Spirited
24 Conquest of the Dungeon
25 Mystery Suspicion
26 The Birth
27 Hope
28 The Last Battle
29 Betrayal
30 Casper vs. Robocast
31 To the New World
32 Theme from “Make My Day” (Ending)

The original soundtrack album is now available for preview/streaming on Amazon and Apple Music stores, see links.

Netflix’ Make My Day Official Trailer (2023)