Original Television Soundtrack for the Netflix horror series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Season 1 (2021). The score music is composed by Yugo Kanno.

Source: Resident Evil Series (Season 1)
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Yugo Kanno
Label: TMS Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 8, 2021

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (also known as BIOHAZARD: Infinite Darkness) is a 2021 American science fiction action horror web television series based on the video game franchise of the same name by Capcom. The series will take place in Clearfield, Maryland. Twenty-six years after the incident with the T-virus, strange things begin to happen here. Starring – Nick Apostolides (as Leon S. Kennedy), Stephanie Panisello (as Claire Redfield), Ray Chase, Jona Xiao, Billy Kametz, Doug Stone, Joe J. Thomas, and Brad Venable.
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness was premiered on 8th July 2021 on Netflix.

1 BIOHAZARD:Infinite Darkness
2 Stand By
3 Inferno
4 White House
5 Emergency Lights
6 Zombie
7 Premonition
8 Classifieds
9 Witness
10 Dreamcatcher
12 Top Secret
13 Sea area
14 The Rat
15 Safe House
16 Survey
17 B.O.W
18 Infection
19 A Chip
20 Secretary
21 Faint
22 Soldier
23 Creature
24 I will show you fear
25 Last Battle
26 For the Future
27 Different Paths
28 BIOHAZARD:Infinite Darkness END CREDIT
29 BIOHAZARD:Infinite Darkness Title

Netflix’ Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Teaser Trailer (2020)

Netflix’ Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Official Trailer (2021)