Original Soundtrack (OST) from the video game Octopath Traveler – Octopath Traveler Arrangements – Break & Boost (2019). The music by Yasunori Nishiki.

Octopath Traveler Soundtrack

Source: Octopath Traveler Video Game
Genre: Official Soundtrack (Arrangement Album)
Music by Yasunori Nishiki
Label: Square Enix
Format: Digital, CD
Release Date: February 20, 2019

Octopath Traveler is a 2018 role-playing video game, one of the best-selling games on the platform. The game is developed by Square Enix and Acquire, published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.


1 The Frostlands
2 Primrose, the Dancer
3 Determination
4 A Settlement in the Red Bluffs
5 Orewell, Beneath the Crags
6 Decisive Battle II

7 Battle I
8 Decisive Battle II
9 They Who Govern Reason
10 Battle at Journey’s End
11 Daughter of the Dark God
12 Octopath Traveler Main Theme

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