Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) from the movie Proud Mary (2018).
Music composed by Fil Eisler.

Source: Proud Mary Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Fil Eisler
Label: Madison Gate Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 12, 2018

Proud Mary is an American action thriller film written by Steve Antin, Christian Swegal, John Stuart Newman, directed by Babak Najafi. The film stars Taraji P. Henson, Neal McDonough, Danny Glover, Xander Berkeley, Billy Brown, Jahi Di’Allo Winston.

Track listing
1 Not Part of the Plan
2 The Walter Hit
3 Teach Somebody Some Manners
4 I’m Mary
5 An Unsanctioned Kill
6 The Family Meeting
7 Uncle’s Office
8 Give Them Walter
9 Five Hundred Short
10 One Rule
11 Don’t Go Anywhere
12 Danny’s Memories
13 The Torture Room
14 Tom Mourns
15 That Money Is Your Freedom
16 Secret Room
17 Attempt on Benny
18 Preparing for the Raid
19 Danny at the River
20 Raid on the Kozlov Compound
21 Reunited
22 Danny and Mary’s Theme (End Title)


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