Original (Limited Double Vinyl Release) for the video game (1994). The music is composed by .

Source: Tekken Video Game
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Music by Namco Sounds
Label: Laced Records
Format: Vinyl (2 LP, 180 gram, Limited Edition, Deluxe Double Vinyl)
Release Date: May 29, 2020

Tekken is a 1994 Japanese fighting video game developed and published by Namco. The Limited Double Vinyl Edition contains music from the original arcade video game and PlayStation version. The album can be pre-ordered at the Amazon store, see link on this page.

Tekken Soundtrack Deluxe Vinyl

Tekken Soundtrack 2xLP Deluxe Vinyl Release

Side A:
1 Opening
2 Character Select
3 Marine Stadium, Japan
4 Chicago, U.S.A.
5 Sichuan, China
6 Angkor Wat, Cambodia
7 Fiji
8 Acropolis, Greece

Side B:
9 Kyoto, Japan
10 King George Island, Antarctica
11 Venezia, Italy
12 Windermere, U.K.
13 Monument Valley, U.S.A.
14 Staff Roll & Name Entry

Side C:
1 Opening (PS Version)
2 Character Select (PS Version)
3 Marine Stadium, Japan (PS Version)
4 Chicago, U.S.A. (PS Version)
5 Sichuan, China (PS Version)
6 Angkor Wat, Cambodia (PS Version)
7 Acropolis, Greece (PS Version)
8 Kyoto, Japan (PS Version)

Side D:
9 King George Island, Antarctica (PS Version)
10 Venezia, Italy (PS Version)
11 Windermere, U.K. (PS Version)
12 Monument Valley, U.S.A. (PS Version)
13 Ending (PS Version)
14 Staff Roll (PS Version)
15 Name Entry (PS Version)