Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) to the film Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews (2017).
Music composed by Jeff Beal.

Source: Oliver Stone’s  The Putin Interviews Film
Style: Original Soundtrack – Original Music From The Showtime Documentary
Music by Jeff Beal
Label: Varese Sarabande
Release Date: June 30, 2017 (CD)

Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews is a 2017 American documentary film (Showtime) produced by Fernando Sulichin, New Element Media and Rob Wilson. Its a four-hour special featuring interviews between President Vladimir Putin and the filmmaker Oliver Stone.

Track listing
1 The Putin Interviews, Main Title Theme
2 No Rules
3 Poverty Line to President
4 The Live of Others
5 Second Chechen War
6 Seeds of Al-Queda
7 Supporting Russians in Chechnya
8 Expanding NATO
9 Oceania
10 Process and Painting
11 The Reagan Method
12 Victory Day
13 Treaties
14 ABM Missiles
15 Always Hope
16 Hungry for War
17 Targeted Intelligence
18 Snowden Arrives in Moscow
19 Lucky Man
20 Maidan Massacre
21 Special Forces Attack
22 Crimean Referendum
23 Welcome to the Kremlin
24 Updates Around the Globe
25 Syrian Air Strikes
26 How Big Is ISIS
27 Setting Up the Shot
28 Hackers from Russia
29 Living in the Old World
30 Banking Cyber Attack
31 Sending a Message
32 Greater Wealth
33 They Admired Him
34 It’s Time, Finale


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