Original Television Soundtrack (Lado C) for the Caracol Television drama series The Queen of Flow 2 (2021). The music by various artists.

Source: The Queen of Flow Series
Genre: Original Soundtrack (Banda Sonora Original de la Serie de Television) Lado C
Music by Various Artists (Caracol Television)
Label: Caracol Television
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 8, 2021

The Queen of Flow (originally titled La Reina del Flow) is a 2018 Colombian soap drama television series created by Claudia Sanchez and Said Chamie for Caracol Television. The Queen of Flow 2 (also known as The Queen of Flow Season 2 or La Reina del Flow 2) is the second season of the TV show starred by Carolina Ramirez, Carlos Torres, Andres Sandoval, Adriana Arango, Lucho Velasco, Juan Manuel Restrepo, Mariana Gomez, Marcelo Dos Santos, Juan Palau, and Diana Wiswell.

The original soundtrack is now available for order on Amazon and Apple Music, see links on this page. La Reina del Flow 2 Banda Sonora Original Lado A and Lado B were published earlier – La Reina del Flow 2 OST Lado A and Lado B, the remixed soundtrack album can be found here – La Reina del Flow 2 Remixes.

1 Encantador de Serpientes – Caracol Television & Mariana Gomez
2 Siete Vidas – Caracol Television & Olga Castilla
3 Cachondeo – Caracol Television & Alejandro Valencia
4 Que Arda el Fuego – Caracol Television & Alejandro Valencia
5 Furia – Caracol Television & Andres Sandoval
6 Mi Destino – Caracol Television & Alejandro Valencia
7 Eres el Sueno – Caracol Television & Juanita Molina