Original Television (OST) from the Disney+/National Geographic drama Season 1 (2020). The music is composed by .

Source: The Right Stuff Series
Genre: Soundtrack from the Disney+ Original Series
Music by Adam Taylor
Label: WaterTower Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: November 20, 2020

The Right Stuff is a 2020 drama series, a television adaptation of Tom Wolfe‘s book of the same name. The series stars Jake McDorman, Michael Trotter, Patrick J. Adams, James Lafferty, Aaron Staton, Colin O’Donoghue, Micah Stock, Sacha Seberg, Jordan Woods-Robinson, Shannon Lucio, Rachel Burttram, Nora Zehetner, Jade Albany Pietrantonio.

1 The Right Stuff
2 Test Pilots
3 Instant Celebrities
4 Behind Schedule
5 Press Tour
6 Glenn Looks for a Solution
7 Star Voyagers
8 Again and Again
9 Mercury Project Capsule
10 The Launch Failed
11 Theme for Judith
12 Gordo Leaves
13 Trudy Invited to be an Astronaut
14 Peer Vote
15 Coping
16 Trouble with the Medical File
17 Start Acting Like It
18 Anxious for the Launch
19 Night Drive to Launch Site
20 Trudy Leaves Gordo
21 Suiting Up
22 Good Day for a Launch
23 Lift Off
24 Space Flight
25 The First American in Space

The Right Stuff Official Trailer (2020) | Disney+