Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the animation The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding (2020). The music by Various Artists.

Source: The Swan Princess Film Series
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Various Artists
Label: Blindrun
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 4, 2020

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding is a 2020 American CGI-animated romantic adventure film, the tenth movie in The Swan Princess film series about adventures of Princess Odette and Prince Derek. The film is written by Brian Nissen, directed by Richard Rich, stars Nina Herzog, Yuri Lowenthal, Joseph Medrano, Catherine Lavin, Gardner Jaas, Doug Stone, Clayton James, Joseph Medrano, Francis Huang, Stepahine Sheh, Alexander Chen, Ben King, George Tang, Lynna Yee, Vivian Lu.

1. Cathay Code
2. End Credits
3. False Princess
4. Spider’s Lair
5. Wisdom
6. Fang Games
7. The Swallow
8. Speedball
9. Grand Ancestors
10. Madame LaCroix
11. Royal Cook
12. Ru and Mei Li
13. Turtle Soup and Puffin Wings
14. In Time
15. Grand Sacrifices
16. Trapped Inside the Veil
17. All About Uberta
18. Home a Hero
19. The Shrine

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding Official Trailer (2020)