Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) for the movie The Young Cannibals (2019). The film music was written by Gabe Castro who wrote music for The Vagrant.

Source: The Young Cannibals Movie
Genre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Gabe Castro
Label: 685965 Records DK
Format: Digital
Release Date: September 26, 2019

The Young Cannibals is a 2019 horror-thriller film written and directed by Kris Carr and Sam Fowler. The film stars Megan Purvis, Samuel Freeman, Hannah Louise Howell, Benjamin Sarpong-Broni, Kim Spearman, Martin Thomas, David Patrick Stucky, Michael Haynes.

1 The Young Cannibals (Main Theme)
2 Checking Out
3 A Monster
4 Going for a Drive
5 First Contact
6 Sit With Me
7 There’s Something in the Woods
8 Drag Me to Hell
9 Hold My Hand
10 It Eats You Alive
11 Don’t Breathe
12 Goodbye
13 Out of the Woods
14 The Basement
15 Act of Survival
16 Checking in (Credits)