Original Television Soundtrack for the series Vikings Season 6 (2019). The music was composed by Trevor Morris (Hunter Killer, Iron Fist, Shadowhunters).

Source: Vikings Series
Genre: Music from the TV Series
Music by Trevor Morris
Label: Sony Classical
Format: Digital / CD
Release Date: December 6, 2019 / December 13, 2019

Vikings is a 2013-2019 historical drama television series created by Michael Hirst. The series stars Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Peter Franzen, Alex Hogh, Marco Ilso, Jordan Patrick Smith, Danila Kozlovsky, Georgia Hirst, Adam Copeland, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Ragga Ragnars, Steven Berkoff, Eric Johnson.
The sixth and final season was premiered on December 4, 2019 on History channel.

1. Ivar Travels the Silk Road
2. Bjorn Banishes Ivar’s Supporters
3. Ivar Captured by Russian Riders
4. Bjorn & Gunnhild Bed
5. Oleg & Ivar Leave for Novgorod
6. Villagers Fight Bandits
7. Villagers Bury Dead, But Will Stay to Defend
8. Ubbe & Torvi Mourn Lagertha’s Death
9. Bjorn Arrives for Funeral
10. Bjorn Says Goodbye, Vows Revenge
11. Lagertha’s Funeral
12. Lagertha Rests Beside Ragnar
13. Hvitserk Leads to Pyre
14. Harald’s Riders Arrive at Attacked Village
15. Torvi Sees Hali, and Gives Birth
16. Igor Kills Oleg
17. Harald Marries Ingrid and Gunnhild
18. Gunnhild Swims to Valhalla
19. Hvitserk Laughs and Cries in the Rain
20. Arriving at the Golden Land
21. Ivar Discusses Death with the Seer
22. Ivar’s Blue Eyes Know How to Win Battle
23. The Battle Continues
24. Saxons Set on Fire
25. Harald is Stabbed
26. Floki Tells of Why He Left Iceland
27. Hvitserk Remembers
28. Ivar Stops Hvitserk in Battle
29. Hvitserk Gets Baptised

Vikings Final Season Official Trailer (2019)