Original Motion Picture (OST) from the animated comedy film (2019).
Film music composed by (Baby Driver, Attack The Block, American Assassin).

Source: Wonder Park
Style: Original Soundtrack
Music by Steven Price
Label: Sony Classical
Format: Digital, CD
Release Date: March 8, 2019

Wonder Park is a 2019 Spanish-American 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film (Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, Ilion Animation Studios). The film directed by David Feiss, stars Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner, Jeffrey Tambor, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, Mila Kunis, John Oliver.

1 When The Ideas Come From You – Steven Price
2 Operation Loop de Loop – Steven Price
3 Without Wrecking The Neighbourhood – Steven Price
4 Hideaway Medley – Various Artists
5 Look How Big You’ve Gotten – Steven Price
6 On The Way to Camp Awesome – Steven Price
7 Entering Wonderland – Steven Price
8 We’re At War – Steven Price
9 The Darkness – Steven Price
10 You’re Embarrassing The Team – Steven Price
11 Nobody’s Pin Cushion – Steven Price
12 On and Off Switch – Steven Price
13 Fireworks Falls – Steven Price
14 Zero G Land – Steven Price
15 All My Fault – Steven Price
16 Wrecking The Neighbourhood – Steven Price
17 A Terrible Turn of Events – Steven Price
18 I Got This Greta – Steven Price
19 I Lost Her Too – Steven Price
20 To Clockwork Swings – Steven Price
21 You’ll Hear Me In The Wind – Steven Price
22 Peanut’s Next Wondrous Invention – Steven Price


  1. Wonder – Rachel Platten
  2. Hideaway – Grace VanderWaal

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