Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OST) from the movie Woody Woodpecker (2017).
Music composed by Chris Hajian and Various Artists.

Source: Woody Woodpecker Movie
Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Chris Hajian and Various Artists
Label: Back Lot Music
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 2, 2018

Woody Woodpecker is an American 3D live-action computer-animated family comedy film, based on the cartoon character of the same name created by Walter Lantz and Ben Hardaway. The film written by William Robertson and Alex Zamm, directed by Alex Zammand, starring – Eric Bauza, Timothy Omundson, Jakob Davies, Thaila Ayala, Graham Verchere, Jordana Largy, Emily Holmes.

Track listing
1 The Woody Woodpecker Song – Alex Geringas
2 Surfin’ Bird – Randy Crenshaw & The Kids
3 Everybody Thinks I’m Crazy (feat Tha Vill) – Eric Bauza
4 What I Like About You – The Kids
5 Troublemaker – Blaze n Vill
6 What a Day – KNOTS
7 Create a Country Estate – Chris Hajian
8 Pristine and Untouched – Chris Hajian
9 Sucker For Peanut Butter – Chris Hajian
10 Dinner For Four – Chris Hajian
11 A Highly Territorial Bird – Chris Hajian
12 Need a Guitarist – Chris Hajian
13 Poachers Lodge – Chris Hajian
14 Peanut Butter – Chris Hajian
15 A Regular Pablo Peck-Caso – Chris Hajian
16 Happen – Chris Hajian
17 A Misunderstood Gesture – Chris Hajian
18 Want the Woodpecker Back – Chris Hajian
19 Your Turn To Live In a Cage – Chris Hajian
20 Woody’s New Home – Chris Hajian


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