Original Game Soundtrack (OST) for the video game John Wick Hex (2019). The game’s music was written by Austin Wintory (Erica, The Banner Saga, Tooth and Tail).

Source: John Wick Hex Video Game
Genre: Original Game Soundtrack
Music by Austin Wintory
Label: T-65b Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 10, 2019

John Wick Hex is a 2019 action strategy video game developed by Bithell Games, published by Good Shepherd Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS.
John Wick Hex is based on the John Wick franchise with Keanu Reeves in the lead role.

1 He’s Quite the Imposition
2 South of Fourteenth
3 Edgar’s Boys
4 Elysium
5 The Uncaged Bear
6 A Contested Birthright
7 Jonathan, a Man Possessed by Fire
8 The Wise Hide and Make Preparations
9 Yoshiko
10 Art Has Killed the Old Gods
11 So Difficult to Find Good Help These Days
12 Every Fool with a Gun
13 A Renowned Monster
14 This Life of Ours Is a Cruel Joke
15 Dispatch the Devil

John Wick Hex Trailer (2019)