Original Motion Picture for the film (1996). The music composed by (Death Of A Nation, Star Trek: Enterprise).

Source: The Care and Handling of Roses
Genre: Original Television Soundtrack
Music by Dennis McCarthy
Label: BSXDM
Format: Digital
Release Date: May 19, 2020

The Care and Handling of Roses is a 1996 American romantic drama film written by Larry Grusin, directed by Mel Damski. The film stars Ann Jillian, Lee Horsley, Sheila McCarthy, Garrett M. Brown, Allison Mack, Harriet Sansom Harris, Ryan J. O’Neil, Corinne Conley, Sherry Miller, Pixie Bigelow, Diego Fuentes, Chris Adams, Amanda Hancox, Clive Walton.

1 Main Theme For Piano
2 Starting a New Day
3 At the Movies
4 Going to the Market
5 Dinner Music
6 Delerue Time
7 Cards on the Table
8 Taxi Ride
9 Cello for Jean
10 Going Uptown
11 The Road Less Traveled
12 A Sunny Date
13 Romantic Interlude
14 Farewells
15 End Title